Benefits to Going Bottleless
Have you said “NO” to contaminated water yet? With our bottleless water coolers and ice machines, you get better water – guaranteed.

Benefits of Going Bottleless

Have you said “NO” to contaminated water yet? With our bottleless water coolers and ice machines, you get better water – guaranteed.

Why Go Bottleless?

  • NO Bottle Deliveries
  • NO Bottle Lifting
  • NO Bottle Storage
  • NO Unsanitary Tank
  • NO Fluctuating Costs
  • NO Plastic Waste
Don’t just filter your water, purify it!
Filtering your water might make it taste better, but in many cases, the process provides nothing more than cold tap water. That’s why we invest in water coolers that do more than just filter your water. Our bottleless water coolers use reverse osmosis and a 9-stage filtration process, reducing harmful substances like arsenic, lead, mercury, and chromium. But it doesn’t stop there! We then balance the pH and add vital minerals back into the water. The result? Purer, safer water – it’s that simple.

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Water hardness areas in the United States
In Kansas City, filtering your water just isn’t enough. The EPA stated that the safest drinking water is under 50PPM (parts per million) of total dissolved solvents (TDS). The dissolved solvents in Kansas City’s water average around 300-450PPM. This is well above 50PPM and awfully close to 500PPM where water is considered dangerous for consumption.
TDS is a good gauge of inorganic contaminants including minerals like calcium and magnesium and various heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, lead and chromium. High PPM’s might not necessarily mean that your water isn’t safe for consumption, but who wants to take their chances when there are cleaner, safer options?
Our bottleless water and ice coolers purify tap water with a 9-step filtration process that includes reverse osmosis. So, you never have to wonder what might be lurking in your water.
March 2019 Lead Report
Due to aging infrastructure in the US, it is virtually impossible to replace 100% of lead service lines in the US. Lead contamination can cause developmental delay, learning difficulties, fatigue, seizures, abdominal pain and more. Most industry experts agree that the best way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of lead and other contaminants in public drinking water is to treat it at the point of use.
This is exactly what our reverse osmosis filtration products do. All Metro Pure Water products come equipped with lead-reducing RO purification. Not convinced you should be worried about lead contamination? These stats might change your mind!
  • Missouri is ranked #6 in the US for the estimated number of lead water mains still in service (330,000)
  • Kansas is ranked #13 (160,000)
  • These are not per capita rankings…these are the actual total number of lead service lines…yikes!

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