Go Touch-Free with Metro Pure Water
The touch-free bottleless water cooler option makes it easy for everyone to enjoy fresh, clean water without pressing any buttons.
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Pure Ice and Water For Your Office
Improve employee happiness by offering them clean and refreshing water from one of our bottleless water coolers.

Go Touch-Free with Metro Pure Water

Safeguard employee health and wellness by offering them high-purity water from a new “touchless” hydration system.
Bottleless Water Coolers
Sparkling Water Coolers
Ice Machines
Undersink Water Filtration
Air Purifiers
Coffee Brewers

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Why Go Bottleless?

  • NO Bottle Deliveries
  • NO Bottle Lifting
  • NO Bottle Storage
  • NO Unsanitary Tank
  • NO Fluctuating Costs
  • NO Plastic Waste


“They did a very clean installation and the unit works flawlessly. Metro Pure Water wasted no time getting us up and running. We have been changing out the large bottles on our old cooler for years. Never again now that we have our new in-line system. The pricing is very affordable. Thanks Metro Pure Water!”

“Metro Pure Water saved the day! We were spending $100/mo on bottled water and the plastic was piling up. Now we have amazing filtered water with added minerals and a healthy pH level that’s always cold and ready to drink. We are so happy with our new water cooler and the service Metro Pure provided!”

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Try one of our bottleless water coolers for yourself – pure water and ice are just a click away!

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